The CBC develops tailored analytical tools for a wide array of biological products in a good manufacturing practice environment. 

Protein Expression and Purification

Protein expression optimization is sequentially performed in shaker flasks, parallel mini-reactors and standard bioreactors (up to 10L) for rapid transition to large-scale production. Protein purification optimization is carried out utilizing an AKTA system to ensure comprehensive data acquisition and reproducibility.

N-linked Glycan Profiling

Glycans can confound the development of biological products due to their heterogeneity. We monitor released glycans by MALDI mass spectrometry.

Charge Heterogeneity

Sugars create heterogeneity in biopharmaceuticals. We can monitor this heterogeneity by charge analysis using an imaged capillary isoelectric focusing system.

Binding Affinity

We determine lot-to-lot variability of protein functionality by monitoring binding affinity using the biolayer interferometry technology.

Protein Purity

Protein purity is monitored using the microchip capillary gel electrophoresis technology.  

Protein Mass and Identification

We employ a MALDI MS ToF/ToF to determine protein whole mass and to identify proteins by peptide mass fingerprinting.

CHO Host Cell Protein

CHO host cell proteins are quantified using sensors prepared with CHO specific antibodies and biolayer interferometry.