Welcome to MSRC Onboarding Page


Step 1:

You can request access to the MSRC, through the attached form at below. If you have any questions about the application process, you can contact with Mr. Jesús Cruz (jesus.cruz16@upr.edu) or Mr. Manuel Carrión (manuel.carrion@upr.edu).

Be part of us

We are very excited at the MSRC to continue expanding our research workforce in Puerto Rico. MSRC facilities are highly capable, equipped with cutting-edge technology for conducting world-class experiments and research.

You PI must be approve your access request before continue with the next steps.


Step 2:

You must complete the required courses from CITI Program. Below are the instructions to create an account. Once you have completed the courses, send an email to Mr. Manuel Carrión (manuel.carrion@upr.edu) with the certifications.

Courses by Category:

  A. Researchers
     1. Researchers (Investigators, Assoc. Investigator, Lab Tech/Manager, Graduate and Undergraduate) (ID: 120549)
     2. Conflicts of Interest (ID: 117308)
     3. Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research (ID: 117305)

  B. Undergraduate and Graduate Students
     1. Researchers (Investigators, Assoc. Investigator, Lab Tech/Manager, Graduate and Undergraduate) (ID: 120549)  

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Step 3:

You must take the Safety Tour, which will show you the MSRC facilities and through which you will learn the security processes of the building. It is important to understand each process, since at the end you must complete a questionnaire that will validate your knowledge.


Step 4:

When you finish all the above steps, you can then request your ID card. The MSRC access card is the key that allows you to access the different facilities of the Center. Each card is unique, and it is through them that we can create secure environments with limited access. The safety of our personnel and our assets is the most important thing.

Our partners and cores facilities: