The Institute was founded by Dr. Vilmalí López-Mejías and Dr. Torsten Stelzer.

Contact Information

Capabilities and Expertise


and control of polymorphs, solvates, and salts formation in manufacturing processes including online characterization


solution and melt crystallization processes

Raman Spectroscopy

(variable temperature) on crystalline compounds (polymorphs, salts, co-crystals, solvates, etc.) for phase identification and elucidation of the kinetics for phase transformation

X-ray Diffraction

methods (powder, thin Oilm, variable temperature and pressure, single crystal) for phase identiOication, determination of strain and particle size, phase transformation kinetics, unit cell indexing, and crystal structure elucidation


to determine melting points, enthalpies, (phase or glass) transition temperatures, heat capacities of solid materials


of structured particulate systems for tailored and personalized medication including micro- and nanoparticles


of integrated continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing including puriOication, separation, and formulation

Process Intensification

to aid the transformation into advanced manufacturing


Analytical Services

We focus on solid state characterization of materials to offer unparalleled technical expertise and deliver solutions to your most critical problems in product development and process design.

Solid Form Discovery

Screening for new solid forms of existing materials offers potential to tune properties (solubility, color, conductivity, stability, etc.) without the need for additional synthesis. Our polymorph screening services serve to assess the propensity of a material to exhibit this phenomena and provide expertise to promote or inhibit the appearance of polymorphs during a crystallization process including in situ monitoring (PATs) and characterization.

Crystallization Process Design

Process development/optimization to manufacture crystalline materials with tailored properties including polymorph, crystal size, and purity.